How Your Recruiter Can Help You Find Endless Travel Nursing Opportunities

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March 7, 2022
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As you dive into becoming a travel nurse, you will learn that there are thousands of travel nurse agencies and recruiters to work with. Initially, you will search for the agency that offers all of the features and benefits you need. Next comes choosing the right recruiter.

A travel nurse recruiter is a person you will work with directly to find each and every contract. Therefore, finding one that you connect with is an important part of your travel nursing journey.

Form a partnership

Finding a recruiter can be stressful. Some travel nursing agencies simply assign one to each nurse without a second thought. However, others let you decide who you want to work with. Doesn’t that sound comforting? Matching you with the perfect recruiter is essential to building a long partnership with endless opportunities! Once you find your recruiter, don’t be shy. Talk and get to know them. A crucial piece of this partnership is becoming comfortable with each other like a friend.

Connecting on a professional and personal level will help them choose the right jobs for you. It will also give you peace of mind to know that you can depend on them as you go from contract to contract. Being on your own can be an intimidating part of traveling.


As a travel nurse, communicating all of your goals and desires should remain a priority. When your recruiter knows exactly what you want, they can identify the resource you need to take the next step.

The top needs to consider are location, hours, and pay. Where do you see yourself traveling? You can travel within the state you live in or all over the world, so what’s your vision? Additionally, inform them of your desired hours. Do you prefer dayshift or night shift? What are your pay expectations? Gathering all this information will allow them to work their magic.

Your recruiter will be able to compile a list of potential job opportunities for you to choose from. And yes, you get to choose where you go. How exciting is that?

Job Opportunities

This is where the fun begins. Once your recruiter provides you with a list of prospective jobs, you can choose the opportunity that sounds like the right fit. The ability to select when and where you work offers a sense of control that staff nurses can only dream of. Essentially, find the perfect recruiter and they will find you the perfect job.

HCTN matches you with the best recruiter who will make your travel nursing experience effortless. With awesome benefits and service, HCTN allows you to discover endless opportunities with each contract as you go. Are you ready to find your recruiter today? Start here.


Brenly Hammond, RN has worked as a nurse for over five years, primarily on the medical/surgical floor. She has been a travel nurse for the last three years in Indiana, where she lives with her husband and two beautiful babies. Brenly is a bedside nurse who aspires to become a wellness/healthcare writer to help nurses and patients all around the world.

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