How To Make A Super Travel Nurse Resume

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March 20, 2017
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The secret to becoming a Super Nurse is to travel far and wide, delivering care to patients across the nation. Increasingly, nurses are burning out, and with studies showing that travel nursing can increase job satisfaction, we can only encourage more nurses to join the ranks of the Super Nurse. If you’re preparing to be a Super Nurse though, you’ll need a travel nurse resume to do it. So level your resume up with these quick tips:

Understand The Applicant Tracking System

Virtually all travel nursing agencies will load your resume onto an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is important to know as readability becomes super important. Formatting can be critical.

If your resume is not well formatted, it may not be parsed accurately. To compound this, the bigger the travel nursing company (and therefore the most likely to have the job you want), the more dependent on ATS parsing technology.

For safety, try sticking to a word or text file that looks like the industry standard. No images, no PDFs, no words where there shouldn’t be- example, leave text out of the headers and footers. There’s no guarantee information gets parsed there.

The Foundation of a Good Resume

Although the work you do is super, we’re not all great at presenting our best self on paper. Your power is in your ability to deliver patient care, after all, not in talking about it.

But take a look over your resume and make sure you’ve got the foundation down. For your header (not the physical header, because remember, sometimes those don’t get parsed), you’ll want it to contain your name and contact information, which is the first thing recruiters and employers will be looking at. Do add all the initials of relevant licences or degrees too (like RN, BSN, etc.) If you have an especially sought after skill, put it right there in the beginning.

Keep it short and sweet. If you want to be discovered by a recruiter, know that six seconds is the average time spent looking at your resume. Cut the fluff and keep it real.

Let Your Resume Flex

If you have travel nurse experience, make it clear in your resume! It’s the secret weapon that will buff up your resume in the eyes of any recruiter and employer looking for travel nurses. Not to mention that if you don’t explicitly state that your past travel nurse experience was a travel assignment, recruiters and employers may mistake that short assignment as you being a job hopper, or worse. It’ll be like a secret weapon that blows up in your face.

So if you have any past travel nursing experience, make sure you let them know! And if you’re ready to pick your next travel nursing agency, click the button below!

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

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