How On Demand Makes Your Travel Journey Easier

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
December 17, 2021
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Travel nursing is a dynamic, rewarding, and nuanced industry. To get the most out of your travel assignment you need an agency that has skilled recruiters, contacts at top-notch hospitals, and an administrative team that supports nurses.

Whether you are an experienced travel nurse wanting to expand your professional portfolio or a novice travel nurse seeking your first assignment, Health Carousel Travel Nursing has the travel assignments you want. Furthermore, with On Demand, nurses are empowered to take control over their travel nursing career.

On Demand offers several benefits to travel nurses. Using the platform, nurses can

  • Search the job board
  • Apply for positions
  • Review personalized checklists
  • Receive updates on job applications

Make the Most of your Travel Assignment

Health Carousel Travel Nursing's professional network has direct relationships with highly rated healthcare facilities in the most sought after travel destinations throughout the United States. When you work with us your application is promptly reviewed by the healthcare facility in your desired location. Furthermore, our recruiters are local experts that have fine tuned the complexities of credentialing and housing. Their expertise takes the guesswork out of where to live and what to do.

The combination of HCTN's network and the On Demand platform offers a powerful tool that empowers the most discerning travel nurses. On Demand gives travel nurses the ability to search, select, and secure their next travel assignment on their own terms - all the while offering administrative support at the touch of a button.

Immediate Touchpoint with A Travel Nurse Recruiter

As soon as you sign up with On Demand, there is an immediate contact initiated by a HCTN travel nurse recruiter. This touchpoint is a meet and greet in which you discuss what you’re looking for and why you’ve decided to become a travel nurse. The information gleaned from this conversation is analyzed to provide you with the best travel opportunities. This process allows you to make decisions about your travel nursing career on your own terms by providing an estimate on pay and stipends and giving you  access to the job board from your mobile device.

Ongoing Support After Contract is Signed

HCTN is committed to providing the tools and the resources you need to have a successful travel assignment. Our support does not end when the contract is signed. You’ll have access to your recruiter throughout your assignment to resolve any conflicts that arise. Travel nurses are the backbone of our company so we offer ongoing support to ensure our nurses are successful and happy with their assignments.

On Demand by Health Carousel Travel Nursing

On Demand by HCTN puts travel nurses in charge of their career. The combination of Health Carousel Travel Nursing's vast network of healthcare professionals and the utility of the On Demand app ensures travel nurses have access to the resources they need. Choose the assignment you want, have confidence that your application will be reviewed, and know you will be supported throughout the entire process.

On Demand by HCTN puts nurses in the driver’s seat by offering

  • Relationship with recruiter
  • Prime locations
  • App to review new assignments
  • Generous benefit package

Rebecca Brunelle is a pediatric nurse practitioner with experience in telephone triage, pediatric critical care, and pediatric cardiology. She is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since moving abroad, she has kept active in the nursing profession by doing international missions, writing nursing blog posts, and working in copy/editing for nursing curriculum.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

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