How to Find the Highest Paying Travel Nursing Agencies

How to Find the Highest Paying Travel Nursing Agencies

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The Ultimate Guide to Travel Nursing: Highest Paying Agencies

If you're a nurse looking for adventure and variety, travel nursing might be the perfect career for you. With opportunities to work in different healthcare facilities across the country, travel nurses enjoy a level of flexibility and independence that is hard to match. But how do you find the highest-paying agencies and the best assignments? In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the world of travel nursing. We'll cover everything from what to look for in a travel nursing agency, to the top-paying agencies on the market, to tips for a successful travel nursing assignment. Whether you're a seasoned travel nurse or just considering this exciting career path, this guide has you covered.


Choosing the Best Travel Nurse Agency

When it comes to finding the best travel nurse agency, it's essential to consider various factors that will impact your overall experience. A great agency will not only help you find the perfect job, but will also provide you with support, resources, and benefits to ensure a smooth and successful assignment.

What to Look for in Travel Nursing Agencies

As a prospective travel nurse, your priorities will often include job opportunities, compensation, benefits, and support. Some key factors to consider when evaluating travel nursing agencies include:

  • High-paying job opportunities: Look for reputable agencies with a large variety of geographically diverse job placements, giving you the most job opportunities and the flexibility to choose based on your preferences.
  • Reliable communication: A responsive agency will provide regular updates, answer your questions in a timely manner, and ensure you don't miss out on opportunities.
  • Travel benefits: Some agencies offer housing stipends, travel reimbursement, and other perks that make relocation easier and more cost-effective.
  • Housing support: Some travel nursing agencies, such as Health Carousel Travel Nursing, provide assistance in finding affordable and comfortable housing during your assignment.
  • Health coverage: Top travel nursing agencies prioritize the health and well-being of their nurses by offering comprehensive health insurance plans.
  • Job security: A respected agency will offer contract extensions, guaranteed hours, and long-term assignments to provide job security during your tenure.
  • Online travel nurse community: An active and supportive online travel nurse community can help you connect with other professionals, share experiences, and provide valuable recommendations for your career.
  • Job board: Look for agencies with an easy-to-navigate job board that regularly updates available positions, helping you quickly find the perfect opportunity.

What are the Benefits for Travel Nurses?

Working with a travel nurse agency offers several benefits not only to your career but also to your overall quality of life. Here are just a few reasons why travel nursing can be an ideal choice:

  • Competitive pay: Travel nursing agencies often offer higher compensation packages than traditional nursing positions, allowing you to maximize your earning potential.
  • Flexibility: Travel nursing assignments typically last between 8 to 26 weeks, providing the opportunity to explore new regions, work at different healthcare facilities, and gain diverse experiences.
  • Housing options: Many travel nurse agencies offer housing stipends, options for furnished housing, or help in finding suitable accommodations, making it easier to settle in new locations.
  • Professional development: Working with a variety of healthcare professionals and facilities can expand your skills and knowledge, making you a more competitive nurse in the job market.
  • Adventurous lifestyle: The travel nurse lifestyle allows you to explore new places, immerse yourself in different cultures, and experience exciting adventures during your time off.

Top Paying Travel Nursing Agencies

Although pay is just one factor to consider when choosing a travel nursing agency, it's often a significant consideration for many nurses. Here are some top-paying travel nursing agencies that provide competitive compensation packages, along with other valuable benefits and support:

Health Carousel Travel Nursing (HCTN)

Health Carousel Travel Nursing offers competitive pay packages and comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, and a 401(k) retirement plan. Nurses also receive assignment-based perks like housing stipends, travel reimbursements, and bonuses. Additionally, HCTN maintains a leading job board and a robust online travel nurse community, ensuring you're well-supported throughout your assignments. View the top travel nursing jobs in On Demand, our powerful web app.

Travel Nursing Pay Packages and Benefits

Health Carousel Travel Nursing offers lucrative pay packages and benefits to attract the best healthcare professionals to join their online travel nurse community. These pay packages typically include a combination of taxable wages, non-taxable stipends, and reimbursement for expenses such as travel and housing.

The Breakdown of a Typical Travel Nursing Pay Package

HCTN provides competitive pay packages consisting of several components. Here's a general breakdown of what you could expect:

  • Hourly Pay: This is your regular taxable wage based on the number of hours you work during your assignment. Travel nursing companies offer competitive hourly wages compared to staff nurse positions
  • Housing Stipend: Travel nurses can receive a non-taxable housing stipend to cover the costs of lodging while on assignment. Many travel nursing agencies, like Health Carousel, have relationships with housing providers to help nurses find suitable accommodation.
  • Meals and Incidentals Stipend: Another non-taxable component, meal, and incidental stipends help cover daily living expenses while away from home. The amount can vary depending on the assignment location.
  • Travel Reimbursement: Some travel nursing agencies offer travel reimbursements to cover the costs of transportation to and from assignments. This can include mileage, flights, or fuel expenses.
  • License and Certification Reimbursements: Travel nurse companies often reimburse the costs associated with obtaining necessary licenses and certifications for specific assignments, encouraging healthcare professionals to expand their skills and qualifications.
  • Referral and Completion Bonuses: Travel nursing agencies may also offer bonuses for referring other nurses to their job boards or successfully completing assignments.

Keep in mind that travel nursing pay packages can vary from one agency to another, and from one assignment to another. It's essential to understand the full range of benefits and reimbursable expenses before accepting a position.

Health and Dental Benefits for Travel Nurses

Health and dental coverage is crucial for travel nurses, and many travel nursing agencies prioritize providing comprehensive and affordable coverage. Health Carousel Travel Nursing typically offers plans that include medical, dental, and vision insurance. These insurance plans may also cover your immediate family members.

Paying travel nurse agencies may also offer short-term and long-term disability insurance options, as well as life insurance coverage. When evaluating health and dental benefits, be sure to compare each plan to determine the appropriate one for your needs and the most affordable one for your budget.

The Best Retirement Plans for Travel Nurses

Planning for retirement is crucial, regardless of your profession. Travel nursing agencies recognize this and often provide retirement plan options, such as 401(k) plans, to their employees. Some companies even offer matching contributions to incentivize long-term savings.

It's essential to review the retirement plan offerings and match percentages from different travel nurse agencies before committing to an assignment. Health Carousel understands the importance of financial security and strives to support healthcare professionals in achieving their retirement goals.

Tips for a Successful Travel Nursing Assignment

Being a part of a travel nurse community can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career choice. However, it's essential to prepare for the unique challenges and opportunities that the profession presents. Below are some tips to ensure a successful travel nursing assignment.

How to Be a Successful Travel Nurse

To excel as a travel nurse, it's imperative to remain adaptable, flexible, and eager to learn. Because you'll often work in new environments with different teams, you must be willing to adapt to various workflows and adjust to new situations quickly.

Another essential aspect of being a successful travel nurse is maintaining professional development hours by pursuing relevant certifications and training. Staying current with the latest practices in your field will make you a more attractive candidate to travel nursing agencies and hospitals.

Communication Tips for Travel Nurses

Effective communication is a vital skill for travel nurses. You'll need to interact with patients, families, and colleagues from varying backgrounds and with diverse communication styles. To ensure you're communicating effectively:

  • Listen actively and ask questions for clarification.
  • Be respectful and empathetic when interacting with others.
  • Communicate openly with your travel nursing agency and your point person at the assignment location.
  • Use clear and concise language when relaying information or instructions.

Developing and maintaining strong communication skills will help you build rapport with your patients and colleagues, contributing to a more successful assignment.

Strategies for Making Friends on the Road

Forming connections with others while on assignment can have a significant impact on your overall experience and emotional well-being. Building a support system of friends and colleagues can make the transition to a new location much smoother. Here are some ways to make friends on the road:

  • Attend local events, classes, or meetups related to your interests.
  • Seek out other travel nurses and healthcare professionals in your area to form connections within your profession.
  • Utilize social media to connect with others in the online travel nurse community and discover local events or gatherings.
  • Participate in team-building and social activities at your assignment location.

By putting yourself out there and actively engaging with others, you'll find that making friends and building connections on the road is not only possible but incredibly rewarding.


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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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