Hematology Nursing: A Comprehensive Guide To a Career in Travel Hematology Nursing

Hematology Nursing: A Comprehensive Guide To a Career in Travel Hematology Nursing

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Hematology nursing is a distinct, fascinating, and deeply specialized field. For registered nurses who are eager to venture past traditional nursing routes and combine their dedication to healthcare with their passion for travel, pursuing a profession as a travel hematology nurse could be the ideal opportunity. Understanding how to embark on the path to hematology travel nursing, including the education and experience requirements, will help set you up for success. That, combined with the help of a trusted staffing agency like Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health, can put you in the perfect travel nursing assignment.

The Growing Demand for Travel Hematology Nurse jobs

Hematology is a field of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and malignancies. Hematology nurses provide specialized care and support for patients undergoing treatment for conditions like anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, and sickle cell disease, to name a few. With millions of people in the United States carrying genes that can pass along blood disorders, plus the fact that an average of one person every three minutes receives a blood cancer diagnosis each year, the demand for hematology nurses is there.

Many hematology nurses work closely with bone marrow transplant nurses since there can be cross-over with the specialties sometimes. That being said, a travel oncology nurse and a BMT nurse are not exactly the same as a hematology nurse. As cutting-edge treatments and complex therapies continue to advance, there is a growing need for experienced hematology nurses nationwide.

Travel nursing offers an exciting opportunity for hematology nurses to take their expertise on the road. With a nationwide shortage of hematology nurses, travel assignments allow nurses to fill important roles while exploring new regions and health systems. With minimal cures for various blood disorders and the prevalence of curable ones, the demand for travel hematology nurses continues to rise.


The Basics of Hematology Nurse Travel Jobs

What Does a Hematology Nurse do?

Hematology nurses work directly with patients receiving treatment for blood disorders. They work closely with other clinicians by providing assessments, emotional support, and complex clinical care to patients as well as educating family members or other caregivers. The day-to-day responsibilities of a travel hematology nurse will vary depending on where they're working and what conditions they're treating. Responsibilities that a hematology nurse might have are:

  • Administering chemotherapy and other intravenous medications.
  • Monitoring patient reactions and side effects.
  • Performing procedures like bone marrow biopsies, lumbar punctures, and blood transfusions.
  • Providing education to patients and caregivers on diagnoses, treatment plans, discharge instructions, and more.
  • Communicating with interdisciplinary teams including physicians, pharmacists, dieticians, and social workers.
  • Coordinating care and services with other clinicians and those involved in the patient's care based on the patient's needs.
  • Work on the BMT unit with BMT nurses to provide additional care during and after bone marrow procedures.

Registered nurses going into hematology on a travel contract might not perform all the same procedures as other hematology nurses. What their day-to-day job looks like is completely dependent on the geographical area they're working in, the type of facility, and the patients they're treating.

The Diversity of Travel Jobs in Hematology Nursing

One of the great benefits of travel nursing is the opportunity to explore diverse work settings across the United States. Hematology nurses may find travel assignments at:

  • Major medical centers
  • Community hospitals
  • University teaching hospitals
  • Specialized cancer institutes
  • Pediatric hospitals
  • Rural critical access hospitals

From leading academic institutes to small-town community hospitals, travel nurses can choose assignments that align with their professional interests and personal preferences. When searching for Hematology nurse travel jobs, you can search for positions at the types of medical facilities that you believe will benefit you personally and professionally

The Perks and Challenges of Travel Hematology Nursing

Becoming a travel nurse can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things registered nurses do for themselves. Many agree that the benefits of travel nursing greatly outweigh the disadvantages. Two of the biggest perks of travel nursing are the flexibility to choose a location that you want to spend more time in and explore and the pay since it's typically higher than traditional nursing positions. Travel nursing allows you to travel to places you haven't been before and see more of the country while having a meaningful career. Besides geographic flexibility and higher pay, some of the best parts of travel nursing are:

  • Stipends for travel expenses
  • Housing stipends and license reimbursements
  • Opportunities to work with diverse patient populations
  • Experience with cutting-edge treatments and technologies

While the perks outweigh the challenges of travel nursing, mentioning them can help you determine if travel hematology nursing is the ideal opportunity for you. Challenges one might face include:

  • Frequent transitions to new hospitals and teams
  • Lack of orientation support at some assignments
  • Missing a consistent team environment
  • Adapting to new hospital procedures and EMR systems
  • Potential feelings of isolation while away from home

The rewards tend to outweigh the challenges for most travel nurses. But it is important to consider both sides of the experience. The good news is that if you want to give hematology travel nursing a try, you can opt for a shorter contract length.

Preparing for a Career as a Travel Hematology Nurse

Essential Education Requirements and Certifications

To begin your career as a hematology nurse, you'll need to fulfill specific education requirements first. In addition to the education requirements, there are certifications that many medical facilities will require you to have or will look better to potential employers if it's not a requirement. These include:

  • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • An active RN license for the state you're working in
  • At least 1-2 years of recent hematology nursing experience
  • CPR Certification
  • Basic Life Saving (BLS) Certification
  • Certifications like the Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)

For those who are interested in working on the BMT unit or more in an oncology nurse capacity, many health systems require Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) chemotherapy certification as well. Even if the job you're applying for doesn't require these certifications, showing you're willing to obtain them or are currently in the process of getting them can prove your commitment to your nursing career.

Work Experience for Hematology Nurses

Before embarking on travel assignments, nurses should gain at least a year or two of hands-on experience in hematology nursing. This experience provides:

  • Exposure to common blood disorders and treatments
  • Familiarity with issues like chemotherapy side effects
  • Comfort handling emergencies and complications
  • Fluency in terminology, procedures, and patient education
  • Confidence in managing complex cases

Staff nurse roles allow new hematology nurses to consolidate fundamental knowledge and skills under the guidance of veteran preceptors before taking travel nurse jobs at other hospital systems to provide care.

Be Flexible and Adaptable

Given the fast-changing nature of travel assignments, flexibility is a must. Hematology nurses should be able to:

  • Quickly acclimate to new settings, teams, and procedures
  • Handle fluctuating patient assignments and demands
  • Adapt care approaches to different patient populations
  • Shift schedules based on unit needs
  • Travel across the country for assignments

Openness to new experiences, people, and work cultures allows travel nurses to thrive. Embracing change and uncertainty is key to not only succeeding in your hematology travel nurse assignment but enjoying it as well.

Tips for Finding and Landing Hematology Travel Nurse Jobs

As a hematology nurse, you have the chance to make a huge impact on patient's lives by providing compassionate care and clinical expertise, but you can't do anything without an official job offer.

Utilize a Nurse Staffing Agency Like Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health

Job searching isn't most people's favorite activity, so working with a trusted staffing agency can help alleviate the stress of doing so. Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health can help you search for hematology job postings for you in the areas you want most while you can focus on preparing for interviews and potentially moving. No matter what, be sure to understand the job description fully so you know what to expect when interviewing and starting your new position.

Build Industry Connections

Don't underestimate the power of your professional network when looking for your next career move. Reach out to fellow nurses who have travel experience and offer you advice on whether that's the right path for you. Even nurses who haven't completed travel contracts but have experience as BMT nurses or hematology can have great tips. Attend industry events and conferences to make valuable contacts.

Effective Resume and Application Tips

Submitting a strong application is crucial for landing your dream hematology travel nurse job. Be sure your resume highlights your hematology nursing skills, certifications, and clinical environment experience up front. You'll want to ensure you emphasize flexibility, independence, and the ability to acclimate to new settings quickly - travel nurses need to operate with minimal hand-holding and hit the ground running. Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health can help polish your resume and get you interview-ready.

After you apply, a good tip is to follow up promptly to check on the status of your application. Travel contracts tend to move quickly, so you'll want to be prepared to interview on short notice and if offered the job, get to your travel assignment quickly as well.

Excel in Your Hematology Nurse Travel Job

Embrace Continuous Learning and Development

Healthcare is constantly evolving so evolving with it is the only way to have a successful career. Make time to study the latest evidence-based hematology nursing practices, technology skills, patient education resources, and more. Attend unit-based in-services whenever possible and consider pursuing specialty certifications to advance your expertise.

Seize the Opportunity to Become a Travel Hematology Nurse with Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health

Whether traveling or based in a single facility long-term, hematology nursing offers diverse learning opportunities, meaningful patient bonds, and the chance to provide highly skilled care. Hematology travel nurses have the opportunity to partner with other nurses in hematology as well as oncology nurses and BMT nurses to provide patient care effectively. When you're ready to start or continue your career in hematology, Health Carousel Nursing & Allied Health can help you find the ideal opportunity that checks all your boxes.

Our unique approach to staffing allows us to provide a hands-off experience for you while providing the most detailed and best travel nurse opportunities. Day one as a traveler with us, you get a Full Circle of Support. Travel nursing has amazing benefits that far outweigh the downsides of travel nursing. Just a few of the benefits you'll be able to take advantage of when working with us are:

  • Streamlined onboarding and licensing processes
  • Receive tailor-made opportunities that match your experience
  • Access to continuing education programs like Clinical Ladder and Work Study
  • Career Coaching to help you progress in your professional life

With the assistance of our expert recruiters, you'll be on your way to a meaningful and exciting career as a hematology travel nurse. Check out On Demand, our powerful web app, where you can search and apply to hematology travel nurse jobs across the nation.


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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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