HealthStream COVID-19 Courses Are Now Free for All Nurses

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April 14, 2020
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We are proud to announce that HealthStream’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support course is free for all nurses for the next 90 days. HealthStream has made this course available as a contribution to the healthcare workforce who are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontlines, as well as nurses who want to be better prepared for any coronavirus complications in their facilities. 

At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, we work hard to support the Super Nurses who are affected by the COVID-19 response, on and off the frontlines. This HealthStream course will help nurses who are trying to understand the effects of COVID-19, as well as provide the highest quality care to patients who have been affected. This training bundle will also help bring nurses up to speed who are re-entering the workforce, or are finding themselves taking on a higher workload than normal. 

HealthStream recognizes that onboarding and training are critical components in the response to COVID-19, which is why it’s making these resources available to all healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals will be able to easily self-enroll in these courses via HealthStream and rapidly fulfill their training requirements, which translates into more quickly providing hands-on patient care.

HealthStream’s COVID-19 training bundles include compliance, safety, clinical education, and coding courses that are designed to be most effective for the unique training needs currently facing healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals are mobilizing from a variety of healthcare organizations and a wide range of practice areas, and with some returning from retirement, it is important to rapidly onboard, train, and even cross-train in new areas.

“Speaking on behalf of HealthStream’s nearly 900 employees,” says Robert A. Frist Jr., Chief Executive Officer, HealthStream, “our vision has always been to improve the quality of healthcare by developing the people who deliver care and, therefore, we […] stand ready to support other states and healthcare facilities along with the heroic healthcare professionals who will be delivering care during this most challenging time.”

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Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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