Why Happiness is Key to a Healthy Lifestyle as a Nurse

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August 16, 2017
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The American Nurses Association’s “Year of the Healthy Nurse” theme for August is happiness. Happiness is critical to your satisfaction as a nurse and to your quality of life as a whole. A bit more self-care in order to maintain your healthy nurse status.

You are a nurse for many reasons. While paying  the bills is important, it’s not always rewarding. Using your skills and being a caretaker can take a lot out of  you. As a patient advocate, you giving out high levels of compassion and empathy. Nurses are given a significant amount of responsibility and trust, and must uphold high ethical standards. Oftentimes, nurses face burnout as a result of the emotional demands of the job.  It’s sometimes necessary to be your own patient.  Maintain your own happiness and emotional satisfaction in order to be able to care for others.

Poor work environments are frequently cited as major contributors to burnout. Hospital politics, routine, and shift work all do their part to decrease job satisfaction and happiness. After spending extended time in a permanent job, monotony can set in, and these factors become quite apparent. Sometimes a simple change in environment is all that is needed to give your happiness a boost.

Travel nursing can give you the jump-start you need to get out of a rut if your happiness levels aren’t where you’d like them to be. Many nurses find that they are happier as travelers. Having several assignments each year means that your day-to-day work experience doesn’t become monotonous. Many travelers find that they enjoy a break from hospital politics. That’s not to mention getting paid to travel all over the country, with plenty of time off to go on adventures with new friends. There’s always an option for time off between assignments to travel, or to spend time with family and friends. A better salary also means less stress in your personal life—fewer financial concerns often mean having more freedom.

As a Super Nurse, it’s your calling to help patients in need; ANA and HCTN encourage you to take a look at your own happiness this August, as well. If you’re suffering from burnout, consider the many benefits of travel nursing. At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, we know that caring for yourself is critical to being a healthy nurse!

Source: American Nurses Association: Year of the Health Nurse      

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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