February Travel Nurse of the Month: Kristy

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March 17, 2017
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We are lucky to work with so many talented caregivers who all deserve recognition. Picking just one travel nurse of the month can be a struggle, but we welcome it because we love showing off our nurses!

Our February Travel Nurse of the Month is… Kristy! Kristy is new to us, but she’s quickly proven to be an outstanding traveler. She is currently on an extension from her first assignment providing much-needed support in the ICU.

Kristy is an incredibly skilled ICU nurse. On her last facility review, Kristy received the highest rating for all her performance measurements. She received a five (Outstanding) for dependability, flexibility, efficiency, initiative, communication, professional appearance, patient care, professional ethics, clinical and technical skills, assessment and analysis, problem-solving skills, documentation, and overall employee rating. This is a great achievement, and we couldn’t be more proud to work with her.

Kristy has so much compassion for her patients and understands how difficult (and painful) it is to be admitted into the ICU. “Nursing is my calling,” said Kristy. “And I’m a firm believer that God leads us to the people who need us, so I’m anxious to see who needs me, next.”

Cindi Greene, Kristy’s recruiter, gave her a glowing recommendation in her Travel Nurse of the Month nomination:

Kristy is an extremely caring nurse. Every patient she cares for becomes her family.  Kristy’s positive personality and genuine need to help is evident in all aspects of her work. She always aims to provide help not only to her patients but also to her peers. I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse to aid the facility.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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