Everything You Need to Be Submitted to Travel Nursing Jobs Super Fast

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September 27, 2017
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When you begin working with a new travel nursing company, in most cases, you want to nail down that first assignment as quickly as possible. Our recruiters understand and appreciate that eagerness to get to your new facility and temporary home; we do everything within our power to ensure you’re submitted to medical facilities for jobs that interest you super fast.

To minimize the time it takes to get your credentials in front of those who make staffing decisions at medical facilities, be sure to send important information about your professional experience to your recruiter sooner rather than later. In order to begin submitting you to travel nursing jobs of interest, your recruiter needs the following pieces of information:

1. Work history dating back seven years

Where have you been working the past seven years? What did those jobs require of you? This should include the names of medical facilities where you have worked, dates of your employment, and anything you specialized in at each facility. If you do not have seven years of work experience, provide relevant information as far back as possible.

2. Professional references

At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, we’ve found that a minimum of two professional references typically works well. These can sometimes be difficult to obtain on short notice, so make sure you have references on hand—don’t wait until you need them to ask, if possible.

3. Skills checklist

Simply list out the skills you possess so that those in charge of staffing decisions can easily see that you can meet their needs starting day one, as most onboarding periods for travel nurses are extremely brief.

4. Copies of certifications

Likely the simplest of the four items outlined here, medical facilities will need to ensure that you qualify (from a certification standpoint) for the position you are being submitted for.

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