December Travel Nurse of the Month: Lorena

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
December 14, 2016
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At Health Carousel Travel Nursing we understand the weight of our nurses’ responsibilities. Every day they are impacting the lives of others, and we have the greatest respect for their work. We love recognizing nurses for their efforts because we believe that their dedication needs to be celebrated.

Lorena is our December Travel Nurse of the Month! Lorena has traveled with Health Carousel Travel Nursing for over a year, and according to her recruiter, Kristen Roberts, Lorena is a true traveler. Kristen also stated that “Lorena goes out of her way to make any situation agreeable.”

When Lorena came to us, she was not an experienced traveler. She was working in a Long term care facility, but she wanted to expand her knowledge and help a wider range of patients. With that said, Lorena was brave, branched out from her specialty, and accepted a position with a Veterans Affairs (VA) facility. Since accepting her first position with the VA, she has trained in ER, MS, and Psych. At one point, the facility even created a telephonic veteran nurse position for her. Currently, Lorena is working as a charge nurse in an MS Psych Unit. Her ability to adapt to new situations significantly contributes to her strength as a traveler.

Lorena looks at new challenges as opportunities. She is ambitious, and she is always willing to learn. Because of her positive attitude, Lorena is consistently improving her skills and in turn providing excellent patient care. Facilities recognize her potential and continue to invest in her training. This fact proves how valuable Lorena is as a nurse.

Lorena, it is a joy working with you. Your bravery and “can-do” attitude make you an incredible nurse. We are confident that you will continue to advance in your career, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish next!

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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