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Health Carousel Travel Nursing
October 27, 2016
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What are your concerns when ranking travel nursing agencies? Kelli, one of our more seasoned travelers, was gracious enough to take the time to score 45 different travel nursing agencies. With over eight years of experience in domestic and international nursing, Kelli has a clear understanding of what factors are in a nurse’s best interest.Kelli started working with her recruiter, Cindi Greene, in April of 2014, and we were thrilled when Cindi informed us that we made the top 5!

Kelli began her research by accessing the 300 plus agencies on Highway Hypodermics and Travel Nursing Central. From that point, she reviewed about 113 different agencies to ultimately compile her list of 45. This list was based on the following criteria:

1) Benefits Provided by the Agency
2) The Agency’s Website Design and Navigability
3) The Number of Job Posting
4) Job Descriptions (Salary/Dollar Range)

The scoring system is based out of 20 possible point scale, and Health Carousel Travel Nursing was able to earn 16 out of 20 points. The highlights that contributed to our score include our ability to provide first-day insurance coverage, weekly direct deposit, vacation pay, 401k match, industry experience, and much more!

After providing this information to Cindi, kelly stated, “It gives you the recruiter a perspective from a traveler as we look at comparing and contrasting different agencies in our quest to find the best!” We could not agree more with this statement, and we welcome such honest feedback from our travelers. Our team is constantly striving to provide our travelers with the best possible experience and gaining this valuable insight will further propel us towards that goal.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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