THS in Highway Hypodermics’ Top 10 Best Travel Nurse Companies of 2018

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
January 11, 2018
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On April 22, 2022, Medical Staffing Options, Tailored Healthcare Staffing and Next Travel Nursing united to become Health Carousel Travel Nursing. Click here to learn more.

At Tailored Healthcare Staffing, our dedicated travel nurse recruiters not only strive to provide the best service possible to Super Nurses, but to improve each and every year. Given that attitude, our team is thrilled to be named one of America’s best travel nurse companies of 2018 by Highway Hypodermics.


This is the third year in a row that THS has received a top-10 ranking from Highway Hypodermics. This year we’ve earned the No. 4 spot on the 2018 list. To be considered for Highway Hypodermics’ annual ranking, a travel nurse company must have:

  • Received 20 company evaluations from travel nurses in the last five years
  • An updated list of benefits offered to travelers
  • An updated company profile on the Highway Hypodermics website

Our recruitment team is incredibly thankful for the recognition. We understand that such success would not be possible without the incredible work of our Super Nurses. It’s your contributions that have the biggest impact. Thank you for the chance to connect you with facilities and patients in need of your skills.


Heading into the new year, the THS recruitment team is eager  to help more travel nurses find jobs that fit their needs. We will continue to provide education for RNs thinking of becoming travelers. That’s why this year, we are excited to introduce the all-new Travel Nurse Academy.  The academy is packed with helpful videos on travel nurse pay, housing, benefits, and more. Make sure you keep coming back as we add content.

Whether you are a current travel nurse or an RN who is looking for a change, reach out to one of Highway Hypodermics’ best travel nurse companies of 2018. Our recruiters will serve as your trusty sidekicks, finding the travel job that is perfect.    

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

Interested in how the pay stacks up in other states not on this list? Our trusty Super Nurse sidekicks are standing by to answer any questions you have. Click below to get information on opportunities in other states!

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