Everything You Need to Know About Getting Hired with the Best Physical Therapy Travel Companies

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Hired with the Best Physical Therapy Travel Companies

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Are you a physical therapist looking to explore a more adventurous career path? Traveling physical therapy positions could be ideal for you. This article will provide you with detailed information on getting hired with the best travel therapy companies, what to expect from the job, how to understand and navigate travel therapy contracts, and important steps in the recruitment process. It's an insightful resource for therapists considering to venture into travel therapy or just seeking knowledge about this exciting career option. Let's get started.

What are the top physical therapy travel companies to consider?

When searching for the best physical therapy travel companies, it's important to consider several factors like pay, benefits, recruiter support, flexibility, and overall company reputation. Some of the most popular and highest rated companies include:

Fusion Medical Staffing - Known for excellent pay packages, signing bonuses,401k matching, and supportive recruiters. Fusion places therapists in great facilities across the country.

Aureus Medical Group - Aureus offers very competitive pay with generous stipends and Michelin star restaurant gift cards. They have exceptional recruiters and an online portal for easy document management.

Medical Solutions - Medical Solutions places thousands of therapists annually and offers high bill rates, $1500 referral bonuses, 401k matching, and more. They have travel-friendly insurance options.

Cross Country Allied - Part of the Cross Country Healthcare family. Cross Country has some of the highest bill rates and takes therapist satisfaction seriously.

TRS Healthcare - Known for excellent compensation, great locations, supportive staff. TRS Healthcare places therapists in desirable facilities nationwide.

There are many other great companies to consider like Supplemental Health Care, Jackson Therapy Partners, and Advance Medical. Do your research to find one that aligns with your goals and preferences.


Understanding what a travel therapy company is

A travel therapy company, also called a travel staffing agency, places healthcare professionals like physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists into temporary contract positions across the United States.

They build relationships with healthcare facilities to determine staffing needs, then recruit licensed therapists to fill 13-week travel assignments in those facilities.

Travel companies negotiate pay packages, provide liability insurance, handle credentialing, offer continuing education reimbursement, and provide housing and travel accommodations.

Important considerations when comparing travel therapy companies

Here are some key factors to consider when researching and comparing potential travel therapy employers:

  • Pay packages - Compare taxable hourly rates, stipends, bonuses, 401k matching, health insurance options.
  • Recruiter support - Make sure they are responsive and supportive before, during and after assignments.
  • Reputation - Read online reviews and ask current travel therapists about their experiences.
  • Benefits - Look at PTO, licensure reimbursement, referral bonuses, continuing education, etc.
  • Requirements - Some companies have minimum experience levels for candidates.
  • Locations - Consider companies that provide opportunities where you want to be placed.
  • Contracts - Understand cancellation policies, extensions, credentialing terms, etc.

Differences between highest paying travel therapy companies

While compensation varies based on experience, here are some key differences between some of the highest paying travel therapy companies:

  • Fusion Medical Staffing - Very high taxable hourly rates, $1000 referral bonuses, 401k matching, generous stipends.
  • TRS Healthcare - Lucrative pay packages with high bill rates and stipends. Strong reputation.
  • Aureus Medical Group - Competitive taxable rates with high stipends and incentive bonuses.
  • Medical Solutions - High hourly pay and rich benefits like 401k matching and relocation reimbursement.
  • Supplemental Health Care - Rewarding compensation packages with $1500 referral bonuses.
  • Cross Country Allied - Industry leading bill rates for experienced therapists.
  • Jackson Therapy Partners - Generous pay with stipends, PTO, and great recruiter support.

What to expect from working as a travel therapist?

The exciting life of a traveling therapist

Some key things to expect by embarking on an adventurous career as a travel therapist include:

  • Exploring new parts of the country every 3 months while gaining professional experience
  • Typically receiving free housing accommodations or generous housing stipends
  • Meeting new people and making lifelong friends with fellow traveling therapists
  • Getting paid to travel and having your expenses covered
  • Gaining confidence and independence by adapting to new environments
  • Expanding your professional network and collaborating with therapists nationwide
  • Growing clinically by working with diverse patient populations and using cutting edge technology

Grasping your travel therapy pay package

As a travel therapist, here are some compensation details to understand:

  • You are paid based on an hourly taxable rate that varies based on experience and discipline
  • Most companies offer weekly tax-free stipends for housing, meals and incidentals
  • There are sometimes sign-on bonuses, referral bonuses, 401k matching and mileage reimbursement
  • You are provided with liability insurance, necessary licenses, and healthcare benefits
  • Overtime pay, shift differentials and holiday pay can greatly increase earnings
  • Therapists in high demand states or disciplines tend to earn the highest pay

How to succeed in travel therapy assignments

Some tips to have a rewarding experience during your travel assignments include:

  • Arrive early to orient yourself in your new town and facility
  • Make an effort to build rapport with coworkers and integrate into the team
  • Clarify expectations with your manager and seek regular feedback
  • Remain flexible, positive and open to new experiences
  • Take advantage of any training opportunities to expand your skills
  • Strengthen your time management, prioritization and documentation
  • Explore your surroundings, appreciate the journey and enjoy this unique adventure!

How to navigate travel therapy jobs and contracts?

When considering a career as a travel therapist, understanding the nuances of travel therapy contracts is crucial. Travel therapy provides physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists the opportunity to take temporary assignments around the country while earning a higher salary. However, navigating the contractual terms can be complex. Doing your due diligence upfront ensures you find the best travel job fit.

Travel therapy contracts are offered by staffing agencies who place therapists on assignments at hospitals, clinics and schools nationwide. It's important to understand how your pay package and benefits are structured before accepting a position.

An overview of travel therapy contracts

Travel therapy contracts typically range from 8 to 26 weeks in length, with 13-week contracts being most common. Extensions are often available. The contracts stipulate your hourly pay rate, taxable stipends, reimbursements, and other benefits.

It's key to understand the distinction between bill rates and pay rates. The bill rate is what the staffing agency charges the facility for your services. This is higher than your pay rate, which is your actual hourly wage. Know your true base pay and confirm any bonuses or stipends.

Contracts also outline your expected weekly caseload, housing and travel arrangements, liability insurance coverage, and other assignment details. Read the fine print thoroughly and clarify any ambiguous areas before signing.

Defining the bill rates for travel therapy jobs

Bill rates represent the amount staffing agencies charge healthcare facilities for your services, which includes your pay plus their markup. For example, the bill rate may be $120/hour but your actual pay rate is $75/hour. The $45 difference covers the agency's fees and profit.

Bill rates can range from $100 to $200 per hour depending on discipline, setting and location. Know the typical bill rates in your field so you can better gauge the reasonableness of pay packages presented.

Be wary of exorbitant bill rates over $150/hour, as this likely means your actual pay rate may be on the lower end. View bill rates as a data point only - your priority is negotiating the highest possible base pay for yourself.

Insights into total compensation for a travel physical therapist

To determine your total compensation as a travel therapist, look beyond your base hourly wage. Most agencies offer tax-free stipends for housing, meals and incidentals ranging $1,200-$2,000 per week. Mileage reimbursement for your commute is standard.

Consider bonuses - many agencies offer $500-$1,000 bonuses for completing an assignment. Pay bumps for re-signing a contract extension are common. healthcare insurance, retirement benefits and licensing reimbursements can add to your bottom line.

Crunching these numbers is key to comparing compensation packages properly. Calculate your potential weekly or yearly earnings inclusive of stipends, bonuses and benefits to determine the best offer.

What's the recruitment process for becoming a travel therapist?

Preparing for the recruitment process is instrumental in launching a successful travel therapy career. Most travel therapists secure jobs through staffing agencies who have contracts with healthcare facilities nationwide. Here are key steps in the journey from permanent therapist to traveler:

First, update your resume to highlight your skills and clinical experience. Research agencies that staff your discipline and practice setting. Mobile apps can showcase open positions across the country.

Once you connect with agencies, inform recruiters of your license status, geographic preferences, past clinical roles and salary needs. Be open about the settings and locations that interest you.

How staffing agencies play a role in your travel therapy job search

Staffing agencies are instrumental in the travel therapy process - they contract you for assignments and handle payroll, benefits, licensing and other support. Signing with multiple agencies widens your job prospects.

Vet agencies to ensure proper licensure, longevity, reputation for ethical practices and competent recruiters. Look for customizable pay packages, responsive communication and therapist support services.

Recruiters market your skills to potential facilities and pitch your candidacy. Be thorough and honest when discussing your background - don't overstate abilities. Choose recruiters who listen to your wishes.

Vital background check processes for travel therapists

Background checks are required by healthcare facilities and/or agencies to verify a therapist's credentials and suitability. Standard checks include professional license verification, past employer verification, a criminal record check and drug testing.

Consenting to background screening demonstrates your professionalism. Proactively addressing any potential issues ahead of time is wise. Keep licenses current and explain gaps in work history transparently.

Most checks happen quickly online. Provide requested information like SSN promptly. Criminal offenses don't necessarily preclude assignments if disclosed truthfully upfront.

Considering permanent placement versus travel therapy

Some travel therapists parlay assignments into permanent positions. Facilities often incentivize contractors to stay long-term by offering pay increases or promotions.

Weigh the benefits - higher base pay and leadership opportunities - against lifestyle factors. Travel affords the freedom of exploring new locations and taking time off between contracts.

There's no right or wrong choice. Many therapists strike a balance by working contracts for part of the year and securing a permanent role for stability later on.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.


Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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