Best Travel Nursing Companies - 2023

Best Travel Nursing Companies - 2023

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Best Paying Travel Nursing Companies for 2023

In this article, we will be exploring the best-paying travel nursing companies for the upcoming year. If you're considering a career in travel nursing, it's important to choose a company that values its employees and offers competitive compensation packages. We've gathered information on the highest-paying companies in the industry to make your job search a little easier. Read on to find out which travel nursing companies made the list!



As a travel nurse, finding the best travel nursing agency to work with is an essential part of your journey. With so many travel nurse companies to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Here are some important qualities to look for when picking a travel nurse agency: their commitment to providing high-quality health insurance, competitive housing stipends, excellent mental health support, and positive reviews from travel nurses who have worked with them in the past.


One of the main reasons travel nurses decide to work with travel nursing agencies is the opportunity to explore numerous job openings. Two categories of opportunities that stand out are jobs with high base rates and tailored healthcare staffing for travel nurses. Let's dive into each of these categories and discuss the travel nurse agencies offering these opportunities.


For travel nurses looking to maximize their income while exploring new locations, finding a job with competitive pay is crucial. You will be able to see this information on job boards along with other information about the travel nursing assignment. If you want to be submitted to top jobs faster and be first in line for your dream job, sign up for On Demand. When you travel with us, you’ll get offers to top jobs faster. In On Demand, easily search through job postings and apply for positions that best match your requirements. In addition, when you complete your On Demand profile and fill out your job preferences we will send you personalized jobs that match your preferences. Partner with our recruiters to enable rapid speed to top offers in On Demand.


While high-paying jobs are attractive, some travel nurses prioritize factors other than pay, such as housing stipends, health insurance, or mental health support. At Health Carousel, our helpful resources provide our travelers with a full circle of support, 365 days a year. We help them stay supported and healthy as they stay focused on caring for others.

As part of our full circle of support, we provide comprehensive health insurance coverage and a housing stipends to our travelers. Additionally, we have a Clinical Support Team that is your advocate while on assignment. They are dedicated to understanding and supporting all our healthcare professionals.


With a plethora of travel nurse companies to choose from, finding the best fit for your career goals and needs can be a daunting task. As a travel nurse, it's important to do thorough research and evaluate each travel nurse agency's offerings to find the perfect fit for your next adventure.


When looking for a travel nurse agency, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, the agency should be reputable and have a strong track record in the industry. Check out if the agency is accredited by the Joint Commission, which ensures that it meets the highest quality standards.

Another critical aspect to investigate is the variety of job opportunities provided by the travel nursing agency. Ask about the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities they collaborate with, as it can impact your chances of finding your preferred assignments. In particular, search for specialized travel nurse agencies tailored to your field of expertise, such as mental health support or family practice.


With numerous travel nursing agencies available, finding the perfect match can be a daunting task. Start by checking the job board of various travel nurse companies. When you search our job board, you can search for positions according to your preferred location and specialty, aiding you in narrowing down the suitable options.

Listen to the experiences of other travel nurses and learn from their firsthand accounts by researching online forums, social media groups, and review websites. It is essential to choose a travel nursing company that offers transparency, ample support throughout your assignments, and a competitive benefits package, including health insurance and housing stipends.


When searching for a travel nurse agency, prioritize the ones that align with your career goals and personal preferences. Begin by considering the travel nurse agencies that concentrate on your certifications, specializations, or desired locations. Furthermore, evaluate the travel nurse agencies based on their housing options, stipends, and the level of communication and support they offer.

In addition to benefits and job opportunities, consider the values of the travel nursing companies you are assessing. Select a travel nursing company that values your growth as a professional, providing access to continuous education and career development opportunities. Make sure the company genuinely cares about your well-being and invests in mental health support resources.


Comparing the pros and cons of various travel nursing offers might be overwhelming. However, establishing clear priorities will facilitate the decision-making process. Start by comparing compensation packages, including hourly wages, overtime, and bonuses. Keep in mind that a higher wage might not always be the right option if it comes with higher living costs or reduced benefits in other areas such as health insurance or housing allowances.

Considering your work-life balance, compare the offered schedules, guaranteed hours, and the length of assignments. Also, analyze the location opportunities and decide if you prefer urban or rural settings. Remember to evaluate the support provided by the travel nursing agency during your assignments, as well as the potential for professional development.

10 Other Questions You Need To Ask a Travel Nurse Agency Before Starting:

  1. How long has the travel nurse agency been operating, and what is its reputation in the industry?
  2. What is the onboarding process like, and how does the company assist in the transition to a new assignment?
  3. Can the travel nursing company provide any references from current or former travel nurses?
  4. How frequently do new job opportunities become available?
  5. What support is available during assignments, such as clinical liaisons or a dedicated recruiter?
  6. What is the agency's policy regarding extensions or changes to assignment contracts?
  7. How does the agency handle any unexpected challenges that may arise during a contract, like conflicts with hospital staff or issues with housing?
  8. What is the cancellation policy in case an assignment becomes unavailable, and how does the agency provide support in such situations?
  9. Does the company offer assistance in obtaining licenses and certifications necessary for specific assignments?
  10. Is there a support network in place for travel nurses, including mentorship or opportunities to connect with other travel nurses?

By asking these questions and evaluating travel nursing agencies based on the factors mentioned above, you can find the perfect travel nursing company to support your growth and facilitate a fulfilling and rewarding experience as a travel nurse.

Find the Best Travel Nurse Agency for You

When searching for the ideal travel nurse company, several factors contribute to finding the perfect fit for your needs and preferences. Job boards are valuable resources to start comparing opportunities and travel nurse companies.

Travel nurse companies accredited by the Joint Commission are highly recommended, as they maintain high-quality standards in their staffing services. Investigating companies' mental health support for their employees is also essential, especially given the demanding nature of travel nurse roles. Your research phase should focus on aspects such as company reputation, health insurance, housing stipend, and travel reimbursement features.

What Is The Best Travel Nursing Agency for You?

Each travel nurse has unique goals and requirements; thus, it is crucial to assess which travel nursing company most accommodates your specific needs. These organizations offer various benefits, including competitive pay rates, comprehensive health insurance, housing options, and more.

Finding the ideal travel nurse agency for you often involves the following steps:

  1. Define your preferences and priorities
  2. Research and compare popular travel nursing agencies
  3. Read reviews and testimonials from travel nurses
  4. Reach out to travel nursing agencies for additional inquiries
  5. Consider the offered benefits packages and company culture

Remember, the best travel nurse agency for one person may not be the most suitable option for another. Carefully evaluating each agency's offerings and compatibility with your career goals is vital to finding the ideal match.

Why Health Carousel Is The Right Fit For You

Health Carousel is a prominent travel nurse agency dedicated to addressing the urgent care demands of healthcare facilities by providing staffing solutions in the form of qualified travel nurses. The organization prides itself on maintaining an extensive pool of well-trained and experienced healthcare professionals to support clients in need. Some reasons why Health Carousel might be the right fit for you include:

  1. Competitive Pay Packages – Health Carousel's travel nursing professionals benefit from attractive salaries and bonuses, reflecting their skill set and experience levels.
  2. Supportive Work Environment – The agency offers comprehensive mental health support to its staff, recognizing the importance of self-care in the nursing profession. Employee well-being is prioritized through accessible resources and measures.
  3. Comprehensive Benefits – Health Carousel provides an array of benefits, including health insurance, dental, and vision coverage, 401K, and paid time off. Travel nurses can enjoy housing stipends and travel reimbursement, optimizing their experiences with the agency.
  4. Joint Commission-Certified – As a Joint Commission-certified travel nurse agency, Health Carousel guarantees high-quality practices in its staffing procedures and employee management.
  5. Professional Growth – The agency actively supports staff in advancing their careers, offering opportunities for further education and skill development in various areas of nursing expertise.

Health Carousel's commitment to maintaining high levels of satisfaction among its travel nurses establishes it as a reputable travel nurse agency. Assess whether this esteemed and supportive organization aligns with your professional aspirations and requirements, and consider Health Carousel as an optimal candidate for your career advancement.


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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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Land your dream job faster when you travel with us. Get started with top local and national travel nurse jobs in On Demand.

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