April Travel Nurse of the Month: Larry

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May 17, 2017
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At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, we make it a point to really get to know our nurses, which helps us see what makes each one so special. We recognize a nurse every month, so the rest of the travel nursing community can see it, too! With that being said, we would like you to meet Larry, our April Travel Nurse of the Month!

Larry is an excellent cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) nurse. We are so grateful for nurses like Larry because the CVOR nursing community plays a major part in improving the lives of patients suffering from heart disease. As a population, we need CVOR nurses because heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women in the United States.

Currently, Larry is on assignment in West Virginia providing much-needed assistance to the CVOR unit. Larry’s recruiter, Cindi Greene, was able to give a little more insight into what makes him such a great nurse!

Here’s what Cindi had to say:

“Larry works crazy amounts of hours to make sure his unit has the coverage it needs, and his patients have the care they deserve. He has a great personality and is always willing to help in whatever area he’s needed.”

We believe that Larry’s medical skill and yes-man mentality are the reasons his host facilities love him so much. In fact, he stayed on a past assignment for four contracts because the facility kept requesting extensions. Patients are in good hands when Larry’s on duty!

Larry, from Cindi and the rest of us, we want to thank you for being our April Travel Nurse of the Month! We are fortunate to have you on our team, and we are even more fortunate to have you protecting our hearts!

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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