Super Nurse for January 2017: Jennifer

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February 8, 2017
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Health Carousel Travel Nursing takes pride in its travelers and likes to acknowledge exceptional effort. While we truly honor and value every one of our nurses, we do like to spotlight standout performances, and we do that with the Traveler of the Month Award. The winner of this award will be getting a $100 bonus!

Without further ado, the Traveler of the Month for January is:


Image of Jennifer

Recruiter:  Ashleigh Taylor

Ashleigh on Jennifer – Jenny has been an excellent nurse to work with. She is dependable, organized and an extremely hard worker.  I am so proud of her accomplishments thus far.  I can only expect great things from her in the future. I have regularly received excellent feedback on traveler reviews for Jenny and she has never missed a day of work. 

About Jennifer, from Jennifer: “I started my nursing career last August in the OR at Blessing Hospital in Quincy, IL. I knew before even being hired that I wanted to specialize in hearts, so I joined the CVOR team. The types of surgeries that Blessing offers is limited in terms of cardiovascular procedures, so I toyed with the idea of traveling. Two of my friends were currently traveling at the time and made it seem like so much fun so I decided to give it a shot. I intended on sending my resume to the company they both worked for, but accidentally sent it to EVERY traveling company instead!”

The next day I was bombarded with recruiters calling, and I had no idea who to go with. I did some research on the ones that called, and I very quickly chose HCTN. I started my first assignment near Crystal Lake, IL. I’m currently finishing my second one in Springfield, IL and I can’t wait for my next one in Fairfax, VA!

“I love the idea of seeing new places and meeting new people, but my favorite part about traveling is the opportunities I get to not only learn something new, but to share what I have learned so far with others.”

Advice for new travelers?

“The best advice I could give for a new traveler is to listen to your recruiter. There have been many times that I didn’t even think about asking a hospital something during my interview, and my recruiter already had it covered. I would be absolutely lost without her! Also, don’t forget this is supposed to be fun, so live it up!”    

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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