7 States Hit Hardest by U.S. Nursing Shortage

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August 1, 2018
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While the sidekicks at Health Carousel Travel Nursing view nurses as the heroes of healthcare, there is unfortunately an RN shortage currently facing many U.S. states. What’s more, this shortage is projected to grow over the next decade (and beyond).

According to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, along with the Health Resources and Services Administration, as many as seven states will experience a severe reduction in the number of available RNs by 2030. Nursing makes up the largest profession in the U.S. healthcare workforce; RNs and LPNs are the greatest concentration in the industry, making up the largest population in need.

The need for registered nurses has always been cyclical, with demand and supply at an unbalance. As we look ahead to 2030, the gap increases in the following seven states significantly and shows a drastic need for qualified RNs in these regions.

  • California: California is projected to be understaffed by a whopping 44,500 full-time RNs by 2030.
  • Texas: Following right behind California is Texas with a projected shortage of 15,900 RNs by 2030.
  • New Jersey: New Jersey is projecting a need for an additional 11,400 RNs by 2030.
  • South Carolina: Rounding out the top four is South Carolina. This southern state will have an RN shortage of 10,400 by 2030.
  • Alaska: Alaska is also feeling the loss of qualified RNs, with a shortage expected of 5,400 RNs by 2030.
  • Georgia: The Peach State takes another hard hit, showing demand in Georgia for another 2,200 RNs by the year 2030.
  • South Dakota : Taking No. 7 spot is South Dakota, with a projected need for another 1,900 RNs by 2030.

Travel Nurses: Answer the Call!

As the need for RNs continue to increase, alternative staffing measures will be taken by facilities in these states to meet the patient care quality standards they strive to maintain. That means ample opportunity for you, the heroic travel nurse, to step up and and take an assignment in a U.S. state in dire need of your skill-set.

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