6 Wonderfully Witty Halloween Costumes for Nurses

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October 11, 2018
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If you’re looking for a cool Halloween costume as a nurse, there’s nothing like a punny idea to do the trick. The team at Health Carousel Travel Nursing has compiled some unique ideas to give your co-workers and patients a good laugh come Oct. 31. 🎃

1. Tire(d)

Not only is this a symptom of many patients, it’s also a symptom for you—thanks to all the hard (but rewarding) work you do every day. Draw tire tread marks on your face (via makeup) or on your shirt and viola, you’ve got a quick-and-easy Halloween costume. 🚗😫

2. Scrubs

When we think of scrubs, we often picture our daily work attire. However, a punny play on words could be to dress as other types of “scrubs” we know about. Dress as a loofah by making a costume with tulle, netting, or whatever fabric you fancy, and you’ll be scrub-a-dub-dubbing through the hallways at work.

3. #Basic

pH comes into play quite often in the medical field, so why not throw together a punny costume playing off of that? We all know that a pH greater than 7 means that something is basic, so an easy costume is to take a t-shirt and write pH > 7 on it, and walk around with a Starbucks coffee in your hand. After all, the only thing that could make this costume more #basic would be rocking a pair of Uggs, as well. 💁

4. Doctor Hoo

Sure, you may not be a doctor, but this costume is still a hoot! Playing off the famous time-traveling character Doctor Who, you can dress up as an owl—and throw a stethoscope around your neck—to become Doctor Hoo.

5. Heartburn

Acid reflux. GERD. You’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to world of heartburn, so it’s time to have some pun with it. In yet another simple Halloween costume, you can use puffy paint or marker to draw flames on your t-shirt, then draw a big ‘ole heart in the middle. There you have it! Heart. ❤ Burn. 🔥

6. Arch-rivals

This is a fun partner costume to do with a co-worker. You can screen print matching shirts with foot bones on the front—or find inexpensive options online—and be arch-rivals with the person sharing your costume. (Get it? Foot arches? Of course you do.) Bonus points if you work in an orthopedic or podiatry office; it doesn’t get much punnier than that!

We know you’re busy and that you may not have time to figure out a cool costume. Hopefully some of these ideas will resonate with you—that way you’ll be sure to have a pun time at work (and personal) Halloween parties this year!

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