6 Tips for Crafting a Super Travel Nurse Resume

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December 19, 2017
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Having a travel nurse resume that clearly and quickly relays the information facilities need can make or break your chances during the submittal process. You want to ensure that key decision-makers in the staffing process can get an accurate snapshot of your experience, skills, and certifications without having to dig too deeply or second-guess anything due to poor presentation.

At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, our team of super sidekick recruiters works daily to ensure Super Nurses like you can connect with the facilities and patients that require your unique skill set.

To help you create a resume that will both stand out and deliver a great first impression to potential facilities, here are six tips from our recruiters.

1. Check that dates of work history do not overlap. Then check again.

One of the most common mistakes in travel nursing we see is conflicting work dates. This is almost always a simple error, but could remove your resume from consideration if the dates do not appear accurate.

2. Make sure you include a few key points with each work experience listed.

These include:

  • Facility size and total beds
  • Trauma level or not
  • Unit number of beds
  • Teaching facility or not

3. Give details that describe what you did on the unit.

This should go beyond, “Provided great care to patients.” A few sentences should suffice for each work experience listed.

4. Include your computer (EMR) skills.

This is something our recruiters must often ask travel nurses for. By including this on your resume ahead of time, you help to expedite the submittal process.

5. Clearly list all your certifications and licenses.

Simple and straightforward, though from time to time it’s possible to forget to include one or two certifications or licenses you may hold. Even if you don’t think a license or certification is relevant to the job for which you are being submitted, include it on your resume anyway.

6. Provide your permanent address.

If you are currently on a travel assignment, it may have been some time since you last went home to your permanent residence. However, it’s important for your recruiter to have this information, as it will be needed during the submittal process.

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