5 Ways for Travel Nurses to Celebrate Memorial Day

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May 25, 2015
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In all likelihood, you’re working today while the rest of the country takes the day off. Injury and disease don’t take long weekends, so we wanted to steal a moment from your busy day and just say thanks, as well as offer some fun alternatives if you’re looking for something to do to celebrate when you’re off!

Today is about the ones who gave their lives protecting our way of life, and many of us celebrate these brave individuals in numerous ways. In the event that we’re injured or get sick partaking in Memorial Day festivities, we know you’ll be at the nearest health facility, waiting to fix us like you’ve done so many times before.

If you’re a travel nurse, you may miss out on all the familial backyard barbecues, but there is still lots to do! The following is a short list of five things you can do from your new location to celebrate Memorial Day:

1) Catch a Baseball Game

I know what you’re thinking – baseball’s boring. While I may humbly disagree, regardless of how you feel, the average time for baseball games this year is just about two hours and 40 minutes, requiring almost no time commitment! And even if you aren’t in a major city, you can still catch a professional baseball game, as many smaller cities have minor league teams in or around their limits.

Don’t sweat the minor league status – they’re much cheaper to attend, and more often than not, concessions are cheaper too. Grab a friend and spend some time at the park today. Check out this complete list of baseball teams around you and take in America’s Pastime!

2) Take a Dip

Memorial Day is famously associated with the opening of virtually every public swimming pool in America. Google is best to show you what’s around you, but considering the fact that it’s already getting hot, Memorial Day offers a perfect opportunity to escape the city heat and go for a swim. Most amusement parks have a water park, so if there’s one around you, why are you still reading this?

3) Pig Out

We all know the importance of moderation and healthy eating habits. But every now and then, we can forget about the rules, put aside our diet drinks and low-calorie meals and actually enjoy food. And there’s so much good food on Memorial Day.  People can’t wait to break their grill out, so talk to some co-workers, find out who’s hosting, bring some refreshments to contribute and eat until that’s no longer possible.

4) Take in a Parade

Whether you’re on assignment in a big city or a small town, chances are, there’s a Memorial Day Parade happening today. Parades are nice to sit back and just watch. Watch the people, watch the floats – parades require no effort and that’s what makes them so great. These traditionally happen in the mornings, so if you have the day off, start your day off early by catching a Memorial Day parade. It’s a perfect opportunity to give some time to the ones we celebrate today.

5) Don’t Miss the Fireworks!

Results will vary, but again, most places have a little firework display on the eve before Memorial Day, or even on the day of. Akin to a parade, watching fireworks simply requires rest and relaxation, something every nurse could use. Some cities go all out and have enormous presentations. Either way, fireworks don’t happen every day, so it’s something to do for an hour or so.

On top of all that, there are countless festivals and events going on. If you’re lucky enough to have the day off, check these things out! And if you’re not, thanks for being there. Somewhere, someone’s eating entirely too many hot dogs and is going to need your help.

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