5 Ways to Market Your Travel Nursing Skills

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May 23, 2022
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Are you trying to land your first travel nursing assignment? Or maybe you are a seasoned travel nurse looking to market yourself for your next assignment. Below are some recommendations on how to make yourself and your skills stand out amongst others.

Improve Your Resume

Update and polish your resume, making sure there are no errors. Mistakes can contribute to potential employers passing up your resume. 

Include a summary of qualifications at the top portion of your resume. This section highlights your most important skills that make you stand out amongst other candidates. Some examples to add to this section include receiving a DAISY award or having high patient satisfaction scores. 

Another way to improve your resume is to obtain a nursing certification. If you work in a specialty area such as the intensive care unit (ICU), consider earning a Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification. Obtaining certifications that are not required by employers make you stand out as a candidate. In addition, ensure all your licenses are up to date since this could potentially delay your start date as a travel nurse. 

While most travel nursing agencies have skills checklists for you to complete, also keep a record of your own skills checklist. Keeping your own checklist can give you ideas to strengthen your resume in the future. 

Do you need help writing your resume? Consider hiring a professional resume service that specializes in travel nursing. 

Update Social Media

Consider creating a LinkedIn profile if you do not already have one. Employers will sometimes screen candidates' social media profiles before reviewing resumes or starting interviews. LinkedIn is a great website for showcasing your skills, connecting with colleagues, or searching for new jobs. 

If you have personal social media profiles, review them for professionalism. Make sure photos, comments, etc., are appropriate to a professional audience. Think about making your profiles private and not mentioning or posting anything about work. 


Travel nurses often meet new people and new work contacts. So make sure to build new positive relationships while on your assignment. Maintain communication with previous coworkers and friends because you could be using them as a job reference in the future. 

Another great way to network is by joining Facebook groups. Search for travel nursing groups or groups specific to your nursing specialty. Being an active member in groups could get you a job recommendation by another member.   

Find an Awesome Recruiter

Besides yourself, your recruiter is going to be the most helpful person when it comes to marketing your skills. When you are first starting out as a travel nurse, do not be afraid to speak to several recruiters before finding the right fit. This can be at the same or different travel nursing companies. Your recruiter should understand your needs and wants. When they find an opportunity, do not let them push you into something that does not fit your needs.

Nail Your Interview

Before your interview, research the unit and hospital. Practice potential interview questions and answers. Be prepared with questions to ask the interviewer about the position and department. This shows your interest and that you have taken the time to research the company.  

During your interview, showcase your interpersonal and professional skills. Afterward, send a follow-up email thanking them for taking the time to interview. It shows your interest, courtesy, and professionalism.

Travel nurses have great opportunities to build their skillset. It is easy to market your skills with the vast network that travel nursing provides. Most importantly, always maintain a positive attitude towards potential employers.


Amanda Marten NP-C, MSN has been a certified nurse practitioner for over three years. With eight years of nursing experience, she has worked in a variety of specialties including urgent care, travel nursing, post-surgical, and intensive care.

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