3 Tips for Extending a Travel Nurse Contract

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June 30, 2022
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Travel nursing offers tremendous opportunities, great pay, career advancement, and the ability to explore new cities. Considering all of the perks, it is no wonder that so many nurses seek travel nurse assignments.

Have you been considering a travel nursing career? Now is a great time to get into this exciting nursing specialty. 

Many nurses who are on the fence about travel nursing worry about the stress of relocating every 3 months. However, many travel nurse contracts can be extended. Don’t let the length of contracts detour you from taking advantage of this exciting career opportunity.

If you are interested in extending a travel nurse contract, consider these tips: analyze your career goals, plan ahead, and be a savvy negotiator. 

Analyze Your Career Goals

Extending a travel nurse contract offers considerable benefits. Nurses get to continue working in a job they love and skip the hassle of finding a new contract. Nevertheless, career focused nurses should consider their professional goals before requesting an extension. Does the current contract meet their educational and professional needs? Are they being provided growth opportunities in their current role? If the answer to these questions is yes, then extending their contract is a smart decision.

Plan Ahead

If you think that a travel assignment is a great fit for your personal and professional goals, talk to your recruiter. At Health Carousel Travel Nursing, our recruiters 100% have your back and will work hard to get you the best travel nurse contract.

Hospitals frequently have the same position open after a 12-week contract is complete. If you ask about an extension early, your application will be reviewed before the bulk of applications are even submitted. By being proactive, nurses increase the odds of securing the contract they want.

Be a Savvy Negotiator

While contract extensions tend to be more straightforward than the original contract signing, there is still a negotiation process. Consider this step to be an opportunity to secure your dream job. 

There are several terms that are frequently open to discussion during contract renewal.


Returning travelers are more likely to get premium shifts. The hospital already knows what an awesome nurse you are, so they may be willing to offer different shifts. Take inventory of what is important to you, and ask for a schedule that fits your needs.

Duration Of Your Travel Nurse Assignment

Do you love your assignment, but not sure if you want to commit to another 12 weeks? If hospitals have multiple open positions, the duration of your extension may be negotiable. One of the best ways to reap the benefits of travel nursing is to make your contract assignments mold to your personal ambitions. Don’t hesitate to ask for an extension that works with your personal life. 

Start Date

Dreaming of taking a vacation? When nurses renew their current travel contract, the start date is frequently negotiable. If you need time off, request a later start date. Once a hospital knows you, the administration is more likely to be flexible with your start date. 

In the current healthcare market, travel nurses are able to write their own destiny. Don’t hesitate to be proactive with your recruiter and request a contract extension. Nurses who carefully analyze their career goals, plan ahead, and are savvy negotiators are able secure contract extensions that meet their personal and professional goals.

Are you ready to talk to a recruiter about travel nurse contracts? Contact Health Carousel Travel Nursing now to discuss this exciting opportunity. 

Rebecca Brunelle is a pediatric nurse practitioner with experience in pediatric critical care, and pediatric cardiology. She is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since moving abroad, she has kept active in the nursing profession by doing international missions and writing nursing blog posts.

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