3 Easy Ways to Find Good Nail and Hair Salons While on Assignment

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May 18, 2022
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One of the best ways to settle into a new town as a travel nurse is to get set up with a nice local nail and hair salon. Getting a nice foot massage after a long day at work can be just the thing you need to feel like you can relax at the end of the day. A nice haircut or blowout on non-work days can also help to de-stress and feel beautiful in your own skin. 

While you may be able to find some good places through a Google search or looking up Yelp reviews, being able to talk with someone directly about their experience can make the process a bit more reliable, and also more fun. You may even end up with a fun, new pedicure buddy!

1. Ask a local co-worker

One way to break the ice with new co-workers (think broadly to encompass all Staff, including Nurses, Doctors, Techs, Administrative assistants etc.) is to ask them what they enjoy doing around town or for local nail and hair salon recommendations. Most people like to be asked about things they know a lot about, especially the area in which they live and are most familiar with. They can help you steer clear of the places that people don’t tend to like as much. They may even point you in the direction of hole-in-the-wall salons that are usually well-kept secrets. 

If you’re having difficulty finding a place close by, you may even try asking other travelers for their recommendations, as they may have already done the legwork of researching and trying out local salons. Their opinion may be more objective than local people who may not have tried other places that could be just as good if not better than the ones locals frequent.

2. Ask your housing host

If you are staying in a long-term Airbnb or Furnished Finder apartment, many times they will have a packet of information about local experiences to try out. If not, they are usually happy to answer any questions you may have, including where to find a good local hair and nail salon. If you are staying in a hotel, many times you can ask the hotel front desk staff or their concierge for local recommendations.

3. Ask someone who’s nails or hair you admire

When out and about getting coffee or going to the grocery store, you will inevitably run into people, including the checkout person and other shoppers or neighbors. Not everyone is up for a chat, but most people appreciate a compliment.  Try saying to someone in the coffee line, “Wow, I really like your nails! I’ve been meaning to get mine done. Where do you recommend going in this neighborhood?”  You may be surprised how willing they are to talk about their favorite local places to go to.   

Relaxing into a new living environment and neighborhood can be tough, especially when regularly on the move. But once we get connected with the community, such as getting set up with a local beauty salon, it can start to feel more like a home (for now).


Susannah Marshall, BSN, RN-BC, CCM has been a Registered Nurse for nine years, and is board certified in both case management and psychiatric nursing. Prior to becoming an RN, she worked for ten years with children in social service settings, where she became passionate about patient advocacy and de-stigmatizing mental healthcare needs. When she isn’t practicing Argentine tango or west/east coast swing dancing, she loves to play with her baby niece and nephew and write children’s stories.

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