the agency you work for is no small decision

At Health Carousel, we don’t take the decision to work with us lightly, and we want to make that decision easier than ever by giving you more.

Rewards by Health Carousel maximizes your pay and bonus potential, and increases the value you receive with every new assignment. Our goal is to surround you with the benefits, support and peace of mind that our full-time employees (like our recruiters) enjoy.


Earn points for hours worked on every assignment.

Earn points for every hour worked

Each hour you work on assignment earns you 10 Rewards points that you track and redeem in our On Demand portal

Extend / Rebook a New Assignment

The more you work, the more you earn. Extra hours and repeat assignments ensure you maximize your points and redemption opportunities.


Why wait for a bonus program? Start earning points on day one.

Redeem your points for gift cards

Endless options for restaurants, retail, travel, entertainment and more. Log into your On Demand account today to see the possibilities!


Earn cash for referring your friends to Health Carousel

you get $500, they get $500

$500 each for you and a friend when they start their assignment and work 215 hours

Break free from the constant searching, time-wasting negotiations and switching agencies.

Focus on your calling, set your career free, get rewarded.

Terms & conditions

I. Introduction

Beginning on January 1, 2023, any eligible healthcare professional (hereafter referred to as “HCP”) will be automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program by Health Carousel (hereafter referred to as the “Rewards Program”).  From January 1, 2023, going forward, the enrolled HCP will accrue Earned Points for all Eligible Hours worked while on assignment. The monetary value of Earned Points may then be redeemed for rewards on the Tango Card website.

Any HCP who participates in the Rewards Program should read and understand the Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, as well as the Tango Card Terms and Conditions.

Though the HCP is automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program and will accrue Earned Points, they do not have to participate in the program or redeem Earned Points for rewards.

II. Who is eligible to participate?

An HCP is eligible to participate in the Rewards Program ifthey are:

• Employed by Health Carousel Travel Network (HCTN) – whether LLC or Local

• Currently working on assignment or will begin anew assignment

a.   Assignment duration must be at least four (4)weeks in length

b.   Assignments can be travel or local

III. Where can an HCP track their Earned Points?

An HCP can track their Earned Points in On Demand.

IV. Definitions

Banked Points: “Banked Points” refers to Earned Points kept in reserve for an HCP who is not currently on assignment for HCTN. “Banked Points” are held in reserve for 12 months following the last day the HCP worked for that assignment. “Banked Points” expire after 12 months. For more information, go to Section VIII “Banked Points and Points Expiration”.

Earned Points: “Earned Points” refers to the pointsan HCP can earn while on assignment. Earned Points have a monetary value, whichcan be calculated using the formula. For more information, go to Section IV “Earning and Calculating Points”.

Eligible Hours: “Eligible Hours” refers to all the approved hours an HCP worked while on assignment. One (1) Eligible Hour equals10.683761 points. For more information, see What Types of Hours Qualify as Eligible Hours?.

Extension: An “Extension” is when an HCP agrees to extend - by a length of at least four (4) consecutive weeks - their current assignment with HCTN at the same hospital or facility where they worked immediately preceding the Extension. The Extension begins on the start date as specified in the Extension contract.

Rebook: A “Rebook” is when an HCP is confirmed to work a new HCTN assignment with a length of at least four (4) consecutive weeks, but at a different hospital or facility than where the HCP worked immediately preceding the new assignment. The Rebook begins on the start date as specified in the Confirmation Letter of the new assignment.

Successful Completion: A “Successful Completion” means that the HCP successfully completed an HCTN assignment for the entire assignment period as agreed to in the confirmation letter. If the HCP did not complete the entire assignment period, then the assignment will only be considered a “Successful Completion” if the assignment was cancelled or cut short by HCTN or the client facility for a reason other than “for cause.”

V. Earning and Calculating Earned Points

The HCP is eligible to begin accruing Earned Points on January , 2023.

Earned Points will continue to accrue until the HCP is eligible to redeem the monetary value of their Earned Points in accordance with Section VII.  Hours worked will be reset at the beginning of each assignment.  

Calculating the Monetary Value of Earned Points

• One (1) Eligible Hour = 10.683761 Earned Point

• One (1) Earned Point = $.20 Monetary Value

To Calculate Total Earned Points:

Total # of Eligible Hours x 10.683761 = Total Earned Points

To Calculate Monetary Value of Earned Points:

Total Earned Points x $.20 = Monetary Value


If an HCP works an average of 36 hours per week for an assignment length of 13 weeks, total Eligible Hours will equal 468, Earned Points Accumulated will equal 5,000, for a Monetary Value for Redemption equal to $1,000.

VI. What Types of Hours Qualify as Eligible Hours

Types of Hours Worked that Count Towards an HCP’s Eligible Hours :

• Approved Regular hours worked

• Approved Overtime hours worked

• Approved Holiday hours worked

• Approved Guaranteed hours worked

• Approved Call back / Call-in hours worked

• Approved Mandatory lunch hours (CA only)

Types of Hours Worked that Do Not Count Towards an HCP’s Eligible Hours

• On-call time

• Any period of non-work (Paid or Unpaid PTO, Sick Leave, etc.)

VII. How Earned Points are Awarded

a.   TheHCP will be awarded Earned Points upon Successful Completion of their assignment.

b.   Earned Points will be available in their accountonce all Eligible Hours have been approved by HCTN.  

c.    The HCP can track their Earned Points within theOn Demand app.

VIII. Redeeming Earned Points

a.   HCP can redeem their Earned Points if both of the following conditions are met:

i.             Successful Completion of the Initial Assignment; and

ii.            Working on an active Extension or Rebook assignment within twelve (12) months of their previous HCTN assignment.

b.   Earned Points not redeemed as detailed immediately above will become Banked Points, as defined in Section VIII(a)below.

c.    All redemptions must be done in accordance with Tango Card and their Terms and Conditions.

IX. Banked Points and Points Expiration

a.   If an HCP does not continue to work onassignment through HCTN, they will be eligible to retain the points they earned(“Banked Points”) for up to twelve (12) months following the last dayworked of their last HCTN assignment. All Earned Points become Banked Points.

b.   For an HCP to redeem their Banked Points, theymust:

i.             Begin an assignment through HCTN within twelve(12) months of the last day of their last HCTN assignment; and

ii.            Complete (“Successful Completion”) of the assignment.

c.    If an HCP does not begin an assignment with HCTN within twelve (12) months of the last day of their last HCTN assignment, the Banked Points will be forfeited, and their points balance will be reset to 0.00.

X. Tax Implications

Points are treated as taxable wages once they are redeemed by the HCP. The monetary value of any redemptions will be reported as taxable wages on their year-end Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.

HCTN will withhold any applicable tax from their paycheck following redemption, including, but not limited to the following: Social Security tax, Medicare tax, as well as Federal, State, and City (where applicable)income tax, which will be withheld at the supplemental withholding rates. Tax will be calculated on the total monetary value redeemed during the quarter and will be collectively withheld from their wage at the end of each quarter.

XI. Other Terms and Conditions

• All determinations regarding Eligible Hours, Points Earned, and rewards awarded to HCP, and Banked Points will be made at the sole discretion of HCTN.  

• To be eligible for points, the HCP must comply with all HCTN and client facility policies, standards, rules, and regulations, as well as all applicable government laws, rules, and regulations that are now or hereafter in effect.

• Points awarded are only redeemable by the HCP who earned them and may not be redeemed by or transferred to anyone else.

• HCTN may modify or end this program at any time for any reason without notice.