WATCH: Choosing a Travel Nursing Agency Explained

Health Carousel Travel Nursing
August 24, 2016
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With some 340 travel nursing agencies in the US alone, choosing a travel nursing agency can be difficult. By doing just a little homework up front, you can narrow down your options. Watch HCTN recruiter Blaine break it down in this quick and easy video that explains how to find the best agency for you.

For more information on picking a travel nursing agency, or how to become a travel nurse, click the links below:

Choosing a travel nursing agency
7 Easy Steps to Becoming a Travel Nurse

But why Health Carousel Travel Nursing?

We want you to get the most out of your travel nursing experience, whether it’s with us, or someone else. But Health Carousel Travel Nursing was voted a Top-10 travel nursing agency, twice. Nurses cite our job selection, pay, benefits, and most importantly, outstanding customer service for our nurses.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Find the Travel Job that’s Right for You

Interested in how the pay stacks up in other states not on this list? Our trusty Super Nurse sidekicks are standing by to answer any questions you have. Click below to get information on opportunities in other states!

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