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September 16, 2015
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Every once in a while we come across content that’s just genuinely fun to read. There are few professions more thankless than nursing at times. Despite being a demographic that administers nearly 90 percent of the world’s healthcare, nurses are subject to long hours, limited benefits and poor patient ratios. And yet, they endure. For the good of us all, they endure.

One doctor in particular was moved to prose. Kristin Prentiss OTT, MD, contributor at, wrote a beautiful poem that captures how vital nurses are in nearly every line. It’s been shared over 21 thousand times. You can read the article in its entirety by clicking here.

Ode to Nurses:

Stick, flash, draw, flush, no hesitation
You get prompt IV access for medication

You calculate grams to liters in your heads
Wrestle combative patients to their beds

Run multiple drips on a patient who’s dying
Comfort the lonely, dry tears for the crying

You recognize stories full of bullpucky
Answer call lights, do tasks, even if they’re sucky

You handle stressful situations with finesse
Reassure helicopter parents with tirelessness

You tolerate the splitting of histrionics
Listen to the rants of florid psychotics

But even patients who holler and patients who groan
Are so much better than the interpreter phone

Patient to Pyxis and Pyxis to desk
You hustle and hustle without any rest

You have a tolerant nose, a stomach of steel
Wipe pee, poop, and blood, then go eat a meal

The break room has food; there’s enough to share
Hurry — you’ve only got a moment to spare

Thinking of home, you check the clock
Down the hall, they administer a shock

The sigh in your chest is heavy and deep
But you have a thousand more steps before you can sleep

A thousand more steps before you can sleep

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